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25 - She/They - SFW + NSFW

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COMMISSION PRICESListed below are BASE PRICES. Additional fees may be added for complexity.
Additional characters will cost the same as the base price. Max 3 characters per piece!
Rush Orders are optional but with an added fee.

Shaded - $25
Pair icons- +$20
-Only available in shaded style for the time being.

Emotes - $25 USD Each
3 for $70 USD

Sketch - $40
Flat - $45
Shaded - $50

Bust UncoloredSketch: $35
Shaded Sketch: $40

Bust ColoredFlat Color: $45
Shaded: $50

Waist UpSketch: $60
Flat Color: $65
Full Color: $70
(Extra Character add on 2x the base price)

Full BodySketch: $70
Flat Color: $80
Full Color: $100
(Extra Character add on 2x the base price)

Fake Screen Caps

One Character - $120 USD
(Extra Character add on 2x the base price)


GENERAL- I do not work on Saturdays or Sundays.- I own some rights to the piece. This means I’m allowed to post your commissioned piece on any of my websites or social media platforms.- You may not use commissioned artwork for money gaining purposes, mass distribution, or merch UNLESS we have discuss it and you have paid for commercial rights.- You may use your commissioned art for personal use (ex: making a T-shirt or blanket with the art work on it for just YOURSELF.)- I will not make merchandise of your commissioned piece.- You may post my commissioned piece on your profile, account, etc. But I request that you give me credit. Preferably a link back to my page.- You may not trace the commissioned piece and claim it as your own.- You may not edit my art work with out my permission. If you need a small change please have it approved by me first.- I do show works in progress (wips). Generally, I show them after it’s been sketched and occasionally when inked. If you would like more wips, feel free to request for them.- I can offer a full refund at any point if I no longer feel comfortable working with the commissioner.- I try to respond to all commission inquiries within 24 hours on weekdays. Please be patient with me as I try my best to give updates. I try to give an update once a week.

PAYMENT- I only take PayPal. I do not accept snail mail. Payment is required up front. I invoice my customers, so I will require your PayPal address. I take payment plans on commissions over $200. Payment is required within 24 hours of me sending the invoice. Otherwise, you forfeit your slot.ETA - Please allow me at least 1-2 months to complete your commission. I often work faster than that, but I leave room in case of emergency. If there is an earlier date I expect it to complete it by, I will notify you and hold myself to that standard. (Example: Same day commissions)- If you need it by a certain date, please inform me when ordering the commission.- Rush order options are available but will cost extra.REFUNDS - I will not issue a refund unless I have not completed your commission within a two months of your order.- If the drawing has been started, I will only refund you for what hasn’t been completed.- I will not refund a completed piece.Commercial Use - +200$ per commission for commercial rights and I won't request any % from your sales of the final product.

Will's and Wont's

Will Draw:
- NSFW (must be 18+ character or person)-
- Original Characters
- Real life people
- Anime/Videogame/Fictional Characters
- Light armor/weapons (at additional cost)
- Monster/Animals/Pets (at additional cost)

Will Not Draw:
- Heavily detailed armor/mechs
- Rape/Non-consensual
- Offensively targeting things
(racism, hate, religion bashing, ect)


Social Media

Tip JarKo-fi: A place to throw me a bone or two!

MerchWhere to buy my physical art!

Etsy - For accessories and small merch.

TeePublic - For merch you can wear!

Vtuber CommissionsLive2D Commission Info

Base Price: $1300 USD
Full custom vtuber model, ready to use in vtube studioIncludes:
Fullbody art
Cutting up art into proper pieces
Basic Live2D Rigging
Character design (optional, +$300)

Base Price: $800 USD
Custom vtuber model, ready to use in vtube studioIncludes:
Half Body art
Cutting up art into proper pieces
Basic Live2D Rigging
Character design (optional, +$300)

Example of Vtuber Cutting
How it looks when a Vtuber model is Cut
A lot has to be broken down in order for a vtuber model to work properly and it takes quite a bit of time and work to make sure everything is perfect!

Extra Add Ons
Expression Toggles | ($40 each)
Prop Toggles | ($60 Each)
Outfit Toggles | ($100 each)
Reference Sheet | ($300)

- Body XZ
- Breathing/idle animation
- Please note if you would like special expressions/toggles
At the moment I'm only offering full packages of both art and rigging.

WILL DO:- Feminine characters
- Animal ears/tails
- Lewd not Nude
- Non binary characters
-WON'T DO:- Mecha
- Masculine leaning characters (Sorry!)
- Realism
- Nudity

Vtuber Payment PlanI can accept a payment plan and I can split the total amount into 4 payments. But I will not work on cutting/rigging until the full amount is paid off.

Vtuber Wait List
If I am working on a current queue and you are interested in commissioning me for a Vtuber I can put you on a waitlist for when I free up my queue.

This does not confirm your spot in line but you are notified before commissions open!

UsernameTypeDesign in mind

Vtuber QueQue
List of Models that are currently being worked on:


Just some examples of my work!


My current workload!
I try to have commissions completed within 90 days.


Title#Number of CharStage
NeoLunes1 CharacterSketching
heavenlyyhalo1 CharacterLinging
MrFiesty42421 Characternot started
AlmondMiaou1 Characternot started


Title#Number of CharStage

Custom Design

Title#Number of CharStage

Mini Comic

Title#Number of CharStage

Don't see your name on the list? Contact me and I will have it updated!

About Me
Just a bit about me.

Hia, My name is Teresa Tatyana but I go by TT aka CrypttidCuddler. I'm 25 and a fulltime freelance digital artist.

I've been drawing digitally for ten years and working as a freelance artist for the last six years.

I've been drawing digitally for ten years and working as a freelance artist for the last six years.

I've done small VA work for youtube but by no means a professional.

Want to work with me? Contact me:
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions.

"How long have you been drawing?"- Professionally about 8 years
- But I've been draw for about as long as I can remember.

"What do you use to draw?"- Ipad
- Clip Studio Paint (Mainly)
- Photoshop (for fonts and touchups)

"What do you use to draw?"- Ipad
- Clip Studio Paint (Mainly)
- Photoshop (for fonts and touchups)

"What do you use for your Vtuber?"- Live2d to rig
- Vtube Studio for Tracking
- Iphone 11 Pro Max for Facial Tracking